Our project team is hiring skilled JAVA developers who want to be an important part of the digitization of Slovak healthcare and insurance. If you are among programmers with ambitions to develop a system that is preconditioned to be successful beyond Slovakia and to help thousands of patients and doctors, then we are happy to welcome you on board.


What will be your role in the project?

  • implement functionalities or entire application modules according to descriptions and specifications in accordance with detailed functional specification
  • to remind the detailed functional specification from the point of view of the technologies used and to propose the interface and the interactions between the systems as well as between the system and the user
  • continuously document the generated code and follow the internal guidelines, rules and methodologies available for the platform
  • create a program-specific code according to specifications and standards, consult procedures and changes with an architect or project manager
  • participate in regular meetings of the project team and report the state of the solution of your tasks to the project manager
  • estimate the elaborateness of implementation of the solution at the request of the project manager or analyst
  • verify the output code, its consistency and the presence of errors
  • take care of the security of your data and only carry out the approved changes
  • prepare program patches for bug fixes in the program code
  • optimize the program code so that it does not unnecessarily burden system resources
  • perform other related tasks as agreed with the supervisor

What can we promise you?

  • You will be working with TOP technologies also utilized by global giants such as Google, Netflix, and Redhat.
  • You will work with people who are at the top of their field, you will learn and teach others a lot.
  • You will get the chance to participate on a project that will be used by thousands of doctors, nurses and patients not only in Slovakia but throughout Central Europe.
  • You will not debug or refactor the old system, but develop a new product with an enormous potential.
  • You will work in a friendly team in which we all listen and respect each other.

What skills do we expect from you?

General knowledge required for the position

  • UML
  • S.O.L.I.D
  • Java, Git, Agile, CI/CD
  • Open Api Specification (swagger)
  • English language, intermediate

What technologies should you be proficient in?

Due to the advanced functionality of the product it is imperative for you to have perfect control of:

  • Java, spring boot, spring jpa, websockets
  • Maven, Nexus, Sonar
  • Microservices
  • PostgreSql
  • Docker
  • Junit
  • OIDC, OAuth2

What skills are welcome?

Your advantage will also be the knowledge of these technologies:

  • Kubernetes
  • noSql, elastic search
  • Kafka, Kafka connect, Kafka Streaming API
  • Angular
  • LUA, kong api gateway
  • Keycloak
  • Linux
  • Hospital standards (HL7, DICOM)

See the process of specialist
selection for our team

Product Owner

Ján Dubaj

Ján is a visionary who takes on every project with maximal commitment and enthusiasm. He enjoys collaborating with people who strive to grow, utilize their experience and never satisfy with mediocrity.

HR Generalist

Anna Grominová

Anka is a professional with logical thinking and the ability to take on a responsibility and solve a problem under any circumstances. She values and applies the fair-play approach and believes that communucation is the key to everything.


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